Download Angry Gran Run Mod Apk {{version}} Unlock characters
Download Angry Gran Run Mod Apk {{version}} Unlock characters

Download Angry Gran Run Mod Apk 2.21.0 Unlock characters

By thanhtung - 07/02/2023
Name Angry Gran Run
Version 2.21.0
MOD Features Unlock characters
Size 44MB
Requires Android
Category Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Aceviral
Update 07/02/2023 (2 months ago )
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Angry Gran Run Mod is also known by the familiar name of Angry Old Lady, Tendon Old Lady. A game based on the super product Subway Surfers. With a fascinating storyline, unexpected details and other outstanding features. The game has become famous and loved by many people. Let’s discover about this interesting game in the article below!

Angry Gran Run Mod Fever

Do you know the Angry Gran Run Mod craze? That is the time when almost every famous YouTuber is involved in playing this game. Because it brings a new experience with unique characteristics that many people love. 

Granny's dramatic escape
Granny’s dramatic escape

Angry Gran Run Mod belongs to the genre of “running game”, which is an easy-to-play genre and suitable for many people. One thing that makes many players excited is the main character in the game. 

Instead of being an active young person. The publisher Aceviral chose an old woman with gray hair. However, do not be fooled, because after that appearance is a terrible power and secret that you did not anticipate.

The special features of Angry Gran Run Mod

Angry Gran Run Mod has a lot of special features, which is why the game receives huge downloads. 

The fascinating and aggressive storyline of Angry Gran Run Mod

An old woman who looks weak but hides many dangers to the world. That’s why Granny, known as Granny, was locked up in a refugee camp. But not succumbing to fate, she hatched a plot to escape from there.

In the process of running away Gran encountered many different obstacles. That’s why she needed a lead so she wouldn’t get caught again. With your skills, help the old woman escape from there and win the challenge!

Help her through trapped-filled roads
Help her through trapped-filled roads

Dramatic escape

Your escape will take place in the city. Where there are many high-rise buildings, train stations and many sections of road that have not been repaired. 

As soon as she escaped from the refugee camp, Granny went all out and ran forward. However, it is not an easy track because there are always obstacles in the way. That could get her recaptured at any moment. It is extremely important to avoid situations that may interfere with the escape process.

Besides, you also have the task of helping her collect coins. Collect useful items to help support the process of escaping the pursuers. Find as much money as you can to surpass records. Going as far as you go will make the race even more dramatic and exciting.

Hide with refreshing looks

An old woman ran away and the whole city knew. That’s why changing outfits will help fool the other person. 

There are many different beautiful outfits for you to change. You can use the money you earn to change the character shape as you like. Then continue with your exciting and exciting race.

Instructions on how to download Angry Gran Run Mod to your phone

The game takes you on an exciting journey with unexpected running and jumping steps. To be able to download the game Angry Gran Run Mod to your phone, you can follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Step 1: Visit the Xapkfree game download website.
  • Step 2: Search for the game Angry Gran Run Mod in the toolbar.
  • Step 3: Click download the game and wait for a few minutes for the game to be downloaded to your device.
  • Step 4: After the game is successfully downloaded, you can immediately play. 

In addition, you can also search and download many other attractive games such as Russian Diver Mod, Run Rich 3D,….

Play Angry Gran Run Mod at Xapkfree 
Play Angry Gran Run Mod at Xapkfree

As an interesting popular game, Angry Gran Run Mod receives a lot of love from everyone. There are many questions asked regarding the game as follows:

Is Angry Gran Run Mod safe for Android to download?

Angry Gran Run Mod is completely safe when downloading games to Android. In addition, Xapkfree also supports downloading games on other operating systems such as IOS and PC.

Can I download Angry Gran Run Mod on PC?

You can download the game Angry Gran Run Mod to PC with emulator software. Enjoy the game comfortably without worrying about viruses.

Is there a cost to download Angry Gran Run Mod?

Xapkfree is a free game download site. You can download any attractive game here.

Final Thoughts

The game has more and more new levels, bringing an interesting experience to players. Download the game Angry Gran Run Mod to get unlimited money, free updates of versions. At the same time, have yourself moments of entertainment that are fun.

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